Nicolai Abildgaard: Abolition of Serfdom 1788. Allegory [Stavnsbåndets løsning 1788. Allegori], 1790, National Gallery of Denmark (detail) A split sugar cane with a natural size sugar worm [Et splitted Sukker Rör hvorudj Sukker-Boreren i naturlig Störrelse], Danish National Archives Erik Pauelsen: The Passage through Krokkleven at Ringerike in Norway [Passagen gennem Krokkleven ved Ringerike i Norge], 1788-1789, National Gallery of Denmark
Peter Cramer: A peasant giving his son something to drink [En bondemand, som giver sin søn noget at drikke], 1781, SMK

Eighteenth-Century Research Forum

Eighteenth-Century Research Forum strives to maintain and stimulate the progress of Danish eighteenth-century research and provide the best possible framework for scientific exchange and development. The forum promotes knowledge sharing and coordination of Danish eighteenth-century studies and establishes closer Nordic collaboration, integrating Danish-Nordic research into the international eighteenth-century research community.

Eighteenth-Century Research Forum brings together research efforts and promotes interdisciplinarity.

The forum aims to:

  • strengthen communication and cooperation between eighteenth-century researchers in Denmark across institutions and disciplines
  • support cooperation between the Nordic eighteenth-century research communities
  • cultivate interest in the eighteenth century among students, support the growth layer at master and post-graduate level, and promote interest in the eighteenth century among future generations of researchers
  • make the relevance of eighteenth-century research visible to the general public.

Steering committee

Peter Wessel Hansen (Archivist, Copenhagen City Archives)

Johan Heinsen (Associate professor, Aalborg University)

Nina J. Koefoed (Associate professor, Aarhus University)

Tyge Krogh (Senior researcher, Danish National Archives)

Mikkel Venborg Petersen (Senior researcher, National museum of Denmark)

Tine Ravnsted-Larsen Reeh (Associate professor, University of Copenhagen)

Louise Sebro (Curator, Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup)

Simona Zetterberg-Nielsen (Associate professor, Aarhus University)

Friends of the forum

The Northern Enlightenment, University of Oslo

Early Modern History, University of Uppsala

Network for Early Modern History, University of Stockholm

Centre for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen